The interior depth of any house is never passive. Look through the window. The natural light streaming from outside, passes through the glass and shines upon the concealed home within. The interplay of light and shadow illuminates the spaces, walls and furnishings bringing this intimate world to radiant prominence.

At Vorhang Concept they understand that one’s living space is enhanced through judicious interior design and natural light adaptation features. Vorhang Concept understands that the right curtain allows the light from the outside world to complement the aesthetics of your private domain. Along with curtains, they also have blinds in many styles, and even wallpaper and carpeting.

At Vorhang Concept, you’re bound to find something that suits your style and home décor needs. From the conventional but always popular Venetian Blind, to the more rustic charms of the Wooden Blinds, they are all here. Maybe if you prefer folds in your curtains then you can get the Roman Blinds. Perhaps stark simplicity is what suits your Spartan tastes then go for the Roller Blinds, which can come in either single colours or with subtle intricate patterns.

There are also designer curtains for anyone who wants something in their home that stands out from the crowd. The curtains and blinds can be set up at your home in the form of both the traditional hand-drawn method or can be outfitted as a motorised or automated version.

Choosing curtains and blinds is not like buying bread at the market. Vorhang Concept focuses on integrating interior design elements and recommendations with the homeowner’s unique preferences. All while maintaining product quality, finishing and design. Customers who seek their services will be provided assistance and guidance on making the right purchases. Vorhang Concepts is also available for interior design and home décor consultations.