Collection: Natural
Composition: 100% Polyester Silicone 4 pass Blackout
Width: 55” (140CM)
Weight: 280GSM Residual Shrinkage: Less than 2%
Color Fastness To Light: AATCC 16 : 40 Hours Grade: 4
Features: Multi Purpose
Dimensionally Stable: Washable, Dry Cleanable
Flame Specification: NFPA 701-200

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Wash Direction

Make sure machine is completely free from burrs and sharp edges. Wash with like colors and products. Do not combine with other products(i.e. towels, sheets, etc). DO NOT overload the washing machine. Use mild soap or detergent in water not to excees 160 degrees Fahrenheit (synthetic setting), approximately 70 degree Celsius. No bleach or Fabric Softener is to be used. Extract Gently.
Air, cabinet or tumble dry at low temperature. If tumble drying, make sure dryer is free from burrs and sharp edges. Use expelled air at no higher than 140 degree Fahrenheit (approximately 60 degree Celsius) with ventilation in a rotary drum until cool. When dry, the curtain should be hung or spread out.
Dry Cleaning
If preferred, use only new perchlorethylene or fluorocarbon solvent then proceed according to the appropriate easy care instructions.
If necessary press as follows: Hand iron on low setting (275 degrees F / 135 degrees C) with damp cloth or steam iron with dry press cloth. Grid head press for short intervals with minimum steam.
Flat bed press, dampen drapery using cloth covering. Avoid prolonged contract with heat.